Go to Gil’s Blog

Hey guys! Go to Gil’s blog! he is http://farmvillevalley.wordpress.com/! Go there!





  1. 1
    KraftyMomOf2 Says:

    I would strongly recommend against visiting Gil’s blog or dealing with him, especially regarding webkinz… he ran scam contests, lied, and ripped people off in trades. Stay away!!!!!!!!

  2. 9
    Gil Says:

    Krafty I don’t do Webkinz plus I can say the same about you and of all people in the blogophere you are the only person I holda grudge against because you said some pretty hurtful things through email that I did not publish back then which was a mistake. So Krafty, in fact you are violeting codes of conduct by posting this.

  3. 10
    Nuug Says:

    OK, I take back thanks from Krafty. I now have three people that say Gil is a good person, so I believe them. I’m sorry for believing Krafty, and how can you cheat if you don’t even play? Bye for now.

  4. 11
    Nuug Says:

    No offense, but I like the old theme WAY better than this one, just voicing my opinion. Bye for now!

  5. 14
    Andrew Says:

    Thanks for the gift Kitty. 😛

  6. 15
    Gil Says:

    Thanks Nuug. Kitty, I don’t get it. You WANT everything to be in caps? Why?

  7. 17
    Gil Says:

    Wow why did they do that? Mine doesn’t

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