Just a reminder about the rules here at WN :)

We have updated our rules here at WN since we have had  af ew issues about our personal info rule.

1. posting personal info (age, last name, PHONE NUMBER, address and such.)

2. Posting pictures of yourself or anyone else.

3. Threats

4. Swearing

5. Asking for personal info (age, last name, PHONE NUMBER, adress and such.)

6. Using different IP addresses and new accounts after being banned FOR ANY REASON

7. Giving out webkinz codes, estore items, passwords things like that. (webkinz codes are acceptable in contests and trades but must be given by EMAIL ONLY.)

8. Selling webkinz or any other product for REAL WORLD MONEY.

 Things We’d rather you not do

1. Being rude to other bloggers (If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all!)

2. Advertising Example: go to example.wordpress.com!

3. Trading out of the trading page and places we say is OK to trade. (Before completing a trade always ask me or another WN staff member so we can make sure this is a fair trade! :))

If you break one of we’d rather you not rules you will be notified in a polite way but if you break one of the rules at the top of the post you will be banned for an amount of time.




  1. 1
    Gil Says:

    I should make a rules page for FarmVilleValley. That incident with Andrew has shaken us all up a little bit. Maybe it’s time to forgive and forget. I still think 10 year olds shouldn’t be interacting with the older kids (12, 13, ect.). Ugh gotta go

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