New Webkinz Newz Contest

Webkinz has a contest for a party machine! what are your webkinz themed new year’s resolutions? tell GANZ! the contest is from december 29-31!


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    This is the food I have for trade. If you want it please click on my name for my website and comment on my trading with what you want and what you want to trade for it. Thanks!

    Collie Bones (5)
    Chocolate Eggs (9)
    Collie PSF
    Leopard PSF
    Samoyed PSF
    Eagle PSF
    Purple Monster PSF
    A+ Soda
    Peppermint Reindeer PSF (2)
    Gummy Zum
    Blue Goggles PSF
    Meteor Cookies (2)
    Lava Dragon PSF
    Signature Raccoon PSF (4)
    Canary PSF
    Clown Fish PSF
    Blue Tiggerfish PSF
    Star Cookies (2)
    Moon Cookie
    Mocha Pup PSF
    Alyssa Cookie
    Caterpillar PSF
    Charm Candy
    Apple Cider (2)
    Butternut Squashes (7)
    Yummy Tummy Tumble (5)
    Gooseberry Pie (50)
    Signature Timbre Wolf PSF
    Birthday Cakes (All)
    Love Dino (2)
    Witch’s Brew Soda
    Marshmallow Eyeballs
    Fruity Fang
    Bat Bar
    PB&J Chocowhich
    Magic W Lolly
    Zum Toffees (3)
    Tart Terrors (3)
    Yorkie PSF
    Turkey Stuffing (2)
    Pumpkin Pie (3)
    Wish Candy Canes (5)
    Mango Ice Cream
    Berribrite Blasts (2)
    Shrimp Ice Cream
    Squash Ice Cream
    Chocolate Ice Cream
    Candy Cream Ice Cream (3)
    Pumpkin Pops (3)
    Farm Fresh Candy Cane
    Zum Sour Candies (3)
    Chocolate Ribbons (11)
    Rocky Candies (5)
    Spineretti (3)
    Rocky Road Ice Cream Cones (13)
    Wishful Wirlawip
    Goo Goo Berries (7)
    Magic Mire Charm Candies (13)
    Rextexmexes (3)
    Pink and White Cat PSF

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