Christmas Contest!

Write your christmas lists! (webkinz items only) and you may win atleast 1 item(s) off your list! you may post any items exept lavas and stuff like that. get commenting!

Contest Closed! The Winner is Stella and she will win a samoyed PSI!



  1. 1

    Sorry but I would like to invite you to coming over to my site to help me with a story the blog members are writing. Read the first post for more details.

  2. ok can you post a link to it?

  3. Oh I wish it was this easy 🙂

    Is there a limit? If not, here I go!

    1) Frosty Fireplace
    2) Exquisite Egg Chair
    3) Majestic Dog Mansion
    4) Counting Sheep Machine
    5) Sapphire Bathtub
    6) Leaping Lemur Trampoline
    7) Friendly Anenome Stove
    8) Flyin’ High Hideaway Chair
    9) Pearl Pup Pearl Box
    10) Candy Cane Canopy Bed
    11) Ancient Egg Fridge
    12) Amazing Acorn Armoire
    13) Prehistoric Stove
    14) Whale Sized Wardrobe
    15) the new Sweet Tooth Tiger’s PSF!! Absalutly love it 🙂

    Thanks my username is 23021997Gal

  4. What happened to my comment?

  5. 9
    tobybunny Says:

    hi can i please have tc or magical forest items,thanks!

  6. 10
    scidrew Says:

    cool blog!

  7. 11

    MeRrY ChRiStMaS!!!!!!!!

  8. 12

    can I have an exclusive(any) or a PSI(any) by tonight? not to be greedy. ITS SO NICE YOUR DOING THIS

  9. 14

    well then NVM sorry

  10. 15
    Stella (WWID pandaz789) Says:

    I want a PSI!!!! 🙂

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