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    lol! look here!

    Ok today at lunch I was with my friend Joanne and we were sitting at the table and looked up at the TV that usually had the time on it but it was off or was it? there was a thing moving across it like a scanner so then we said oh no spys are using all the electronics in the school to spy on us! then Joanne had to go to the RR she apparently forgot where the RR was so she asked me where the RR was I told her where it was and told her not to use the hand dryers she asked why? I told her those are electronics and they will spy on you oh yah she said and hurried off to the RR when she got back it was time to go to PE (physical education) when it was time to go Joanne showed me a black band-aid on her finger nodded and then we went towards home room I felt something on my neck and then Joanne said I think the spys put something on you! I took it off it was Joanneā€™s band-aid! ha ha it was just my masking tape dont you mean your band-aid? I said no my band-aid was just tape a found peeling of the gym floor.when we got back the teacher was taking pictures of us and she took it of me and Joanne first and then she said oh no the spys just scanned us!

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