8,000 Hitz!

We have 8,000 Hitz! so I will have a comment contest to win a blog! comment here to get to 50 comments or more! and I will pick randomly a winner to win crazyforwebkinz.wordpress.com! the blog has never been touched so you can customize it on your own!

Β Congrats Webkinz Central! you have won crazyforwebkinz.wordpress.com!



  1. Nice contest idea!
    I would suggest that you advertize the contest more.

    Remember the poetry contest? What do I get for winning that? Just wondering if you remembered.

  2. 2

    disneygirl57 knows

  3. 3
    Arletta Says:


  4. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  5. 5
    Stlella (WWID pandaz789 Says:


  6. How do you make sticky post?

    • 7

      you make the post and then go to your dashbord and look under posts click edit find your post put your mouse over it and then click on quick edit then click on the little box that says make this post sticky keep clicking till there is a check in the box.

  7. 9
    codykinz Says:

    Hey!! To Kittykat12: I saw your comment on the webkinzaddiction site! You can join my Webkinz Insurance Agency! Just go to my site and go to the page! Comment your user name and how many pets you have. It’s not ready because I didn’t update, but anyone can enter now

  8. 10

    i should do this, i could use a blog like this

  9. 11

    lets hope i win

  10. 12

    what would i do with it…

  11. 13

    definitly advertising page… lots of contests

  12. 14

    a couple ideas that i wouldnt do on WC

  13. 15

    now i want it really bad. bad self, stop being rude!

  14. 16

    but you know… i could bribe… JK!

  15. 17

    i should just comment and hope i win eh?

  16. 18

    itll be tought to get to 50 though

  17. 19

    seeing as how i have no help with me to chat with

  18. 20

    and we only have 19, this one is 20, so far, id have to comment 30 more times, and im not that chatty

  19. 21

    well i guess i could try

  20. 22

    but then it’d be even sadder when i lost… if i commented so much

  21. 23

    just keep commenting WC

  22. 24

    ill come back later and comment

  23. 25

    or maybe now, not quite sure

  24. 26

    is your icon you cat? if so it is soooo cute!

  25. 27

    just 24 left, that pretty crazy huh? i can do that

  26. 28

    maybe not all at once but for sure in some amount of time

  27. 29

    Eh, maybe all at once. I talk to myself quite a bit don’t I? Well anyway I guess thats not THAT weird…

  28. 30

    A blog contest is a pretty cool idea, instead of just items and whatnot. Creative

  29. 31

    At first I didnt really care about this,

  30. 32

    but now i really do want to win.

  31. 33

    i dont think i can do 19 more πŸ˜€

  32. 34

    unless i go into super hyper crazy comment mode

  33. 35

    *going into mode *

    rrrrrrrrrrr πŸ˜€ ($.25)
    insert quarter here | |

  34. 36

    awe that didnt work darn it looked way cooler in my typing box

  35. 37

    ^ ^

    how does that one look? ❓

  36. 38

    eew all smushed up thats sad

  37. 39

    I like these things ❗
    do you ❓
    they make it cool. πŸ˜‰

  38. 40

    whoops taht was supposed to be cool face 😎 :dude:
    did those work?

  39. 41

    so it was supposed to look like this–

    i like these thing ❗
    do you ❓
    they make it cool 😎

    that was what the other comment was supposed to look liek

  40. 42

    AHHHH just 9 more comments AHHHHHHHHH

  41. 43

    but i have to leave 😦

  42. 44

    getting closer!

  43. 45

    you will probably win WC! πŸ™‚

  44. 46

    ❓ ❗

  45. 47

    hey only 4 more i should finish it off!

  46. 48

    BTW i love your icon that cat is like sooo cute

  47. 49

    i cant belive this contest i finnally going to end

  48. 50


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