Clubhouse And Kinzville Park Closed

The new Kinzville Park has been closed for improvements this evening, as is the Clubhouse. The two issues that appeared are not related to each other, and Ganz has reassured us they are working hard to get both features back up and running.

Due to the Clubhouse being down – this affects Trick or Treating – therefore tomorrow you can find the Ghost once every two hours, and on Saturday – Halloween Day, we can Trick or Treat every hour.Clubhouse_ClosedKinzvillePark_Closed



  1. 1
    bob Says:

    that sucks

  2. 2
    bob Says:

    i really want to see the park

  3. 3
    shealee Says:

    cccccccccooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee on just tell us how to get in the kinzvill park we are sad.

  4. 5
    shealee Says:

    how people in my class keep asking me what should i do tell me please they always bother me i go to presentation bvm school help me please help help help help. tell us what to do whare begging 😦

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