Kinzville Park!

The much anticipated and anxiously awaitied feature of Webkinz World will be revealed tomorrow- The Kinzville Park! Members have seen glimpses of the park in in the various Pet of the Month videos. At the park you will be able to play games, cook on the BBQs, swing or take stage for a little drama! This park is 20 times the size of the Clubhouse. It will fill up just like the Clubhouse, so please be patient to see this new feature! The park will make its debut after tomorrow morning’s update!



  1. 1
    Jessica Says:

    when is the kinzville park goin to open!

  2. 2
    Harmony Says:

    when is going to open? is is ther but we can’t get in! maybe another glitch? i hope not!

  3. 3
    shealee Says:

    we can not get in the kinzvill park help us plaese tell us what to do were begging

  4. 4
    tayla Says:

    i can! you cant?

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