6,000 hitz Comment Contest

contest is over noone was entering



  1. Hi!
    Great contest! I hope to win! 🙂
    My Webkinz username is 23021997Gal.
    I believe I have you though. Anyways, what kind of contest is this? A comment one? Or do we have to do something. PS 6,000 hits?! Wow! How long have you had the site?

  2. 4

    only 6 months

  3. Wow! I’ve owned mine for two and a half, and only have 1,140 hits. Anyways, I suggest advertizing the contest. It will not only bring more people but also bring you more hits.

  4. 6

    kittykat12- why don’t you make this post sticky?

  5. 9

    anyway, why is my comment awaiting moderatioN???

  6. 11

    anyway, my wwid is Valerie123778

  7. 12

    sry i didn’t post it in my first comment 😀

  8. 13

    oh i see. it is nice that its sticky now 😀

  9. 14

    anyway… is any1 else here?

  10. 15

    ah crap! Its not showing up on the recent comments thingie!

  11. 16

    Hi kinzlover

  12. 17

    Come on people, comment!!!

  13. 18

    Also, how do you make the OUR VIEWERS ARE FROM and NEW WEBKINZ?

  14. 21

    Thanks KittyKat12

  15. 22

    here i cooment!

  16. 23

    hey no mod yayayayay

  17. 25

    ok! i am back 😀

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