Zumbuddy News

Ganz is proud to announce the release of our ZumbuddyTM plush toys! Starting October 28, 2009*, enter the Feature Code from your Zumbuddy plush to unlock the world of ZumwhereTM as you’ve never played it before!

Go inside the home of your new Zum friend and help make them happy! Zums have minds of their own. They will fly around their home, play, and even dance. You can give them toys to play with and food to enjoy, purchased from the brand-new Z Shop. Zums need lots of variety though, and may not want to play with what you give them.

Sometimes Zums will let you know exactly what they want. When they do, quickly meet their request for a big happiness boost!

Keep your Zums happy and they’ll reward you with Zummies! Use your Zummies to purchase special Zum furniture for your Zum’s room, or unique prizes for your pet’s room!

Have more than one Zumbuddy? Great! Zums love to play together. Give a toy to a Zum when another is close by and they’ll both get in on the fun. Make all of your Zums super happy and trigger a Zum Party for a shower of Zummies!

Of course as much as your WebkinzTM pet enjoys visiting Zumwhere, your Zum will enjoy visiting Kinzville as well! Now you can pair up your pets and your Zum with our new Pet Buddy feature. Your Zum will fly around your room with your Webkinz pet and even visit the Clubhouse!

* On October 28, get in on all the fun! Watch for Zumbuddy plush toys – coming soon to your favorite Webkinz retailer!



  1. 1
    Stella (WWID pandaz789) Says:

    I so want a zumbuddy!

  2. 4
    Elizabeth Says:

    this is a great idea

  3. 5
    Amy Says:

    So where do we buy Zumbuddies? I’m in Canada.

  4. 7
    harmony Says:

    these are so cute i want tthe green and yellow one and where do you find them ? i want one so bad so yeah ig you have any info tell me plz

  5. 8
    Sue Says:

    Where can you buy a zumybuddie? My daughter would like one for Christmas, please hurry if you know. Thank you

  6. 10
    Jordyn Says:

    Zumbuddies are so cool and cute where can u get them please let me know thank you : – )

  7. 13
    melanie Says:

    zumbuddies are so cute! my daughter has the pink one!

  8. The new Series 2 first edition zumbuddies have been released for February 2010. We got the pink giggly zumbuddy zuzu. It’s really cute and fun to play with in Zumwhere.

  9. 16
    anteater Says:

    I have the new orange zumbuddy he has a circle on his tummy! I also have the one with the splat on his tummy you can find zumbuddies any were webkinz are sold!

  10. 17
    anteater Says:

    did any of you people get the zumbuddies you requested

  11. 19
    zoe Says:

    I do not know where zumbuddies are sold please tell me!

  12. 20
    zoe Says:

    Who knows where zumbuddies are sold not me! Because zumbuddies are so cute I can not wait untill I have a zumbuddie!!!!

  13. 21
    zoe Says:

    who knows where I could get a zumbuddie? please comment on tuesday!

  14. 22
    zoe Says:

    zumbuddies are so cute I jest whant one! But this is the thing I do not have a zumbuddie. And where are they sold? Oh jest to let you know I live in canada new brunswick!

  15. 23
    neo Says:

    hi I am new here!

  16. 24
    zoe Says:

    Gess what webkinz pets I have!

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