My Opinion on the November Webkinz

I love the llama plush but the online is uhhhh……. a little scary.
I may get it but probably not.

The Shark’s online image is pretty cute but not cute enough to get it and the plus is horibble!

The ribbon unicorn looks like it fell out of a 2 year old girls coloring book.

The blufadoodle is awesome ecspesilly the wings on the plus and i like the glitter on its body the online is pretty cool too!

I am so getting the sig. cheeta its so cute the online is okay the plush is awesome i am geting it!
i have the black and white cat and hippo so the kinzklips are not worth it. but i want the bulldog!
The lion is cool i have the li’l kinz but the large version might be nice.
I want the pug ecspesilly when it is POTM i hope i will get it!

I will try to make these opinion things evry month.


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