2 october pets


Mud hippo

A girrafe fianally!

A girrafe fianally!



  1. Hi! I was looknig around on Gymbo’s blog when I saw you blog’s adress. So here I am and I love the blog! Wow you’ve done a lot! Here’s a tip: copy the text that the WebkinzNewz uses to your blog for new pets – a lot of other blogs do that and it helps becuase the WebkinzNewz often doen’t work for people.

    Back to the subject of the post: I really don’t like the virtual Girrafe. It looks… different. Not your ordinary ‘Kinz. The plush however, now that’s something special. It’s very detailed and looks cute to cuddle with – I might ask for it in the holidays. How about it coming with Tree Table… wait no, the Groundhog’s PSI would look too much the same… hmmm… how about log racer? Yeah! I can see that working! The Mud Hippo is SO much better then that old BLUE (could you believe them?! Have they ever seen a blue hippo?! I didn’t think so!!) hippo. The colors are real, the shape is real, and the plush is SO CUTE! 🙂 I’m so buying it!! I would name it MudBud (you know the Buddies for AirBuddies, Spcaebuddies? Well MudBud is the name of one of them, and I think it’s a really cute name, too! I hope it doesn’t come with a Mud Bath, because it’s not original AND the Floppy Pig comes with it too. The WebkinzNewz said they’ll put up the other October pets tomorrow or the day after that. They better! I really like your blog. I’ll come back to it!

  2. 2
    Michael Says:

    i do it from webkinzinsider they have much better newz

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